Ikea Tradfri hub with other zigbee devices?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I have a Tradfri hub with 7 bulbs and I love it. I’m really looking at expanding my HA into some outlets and hard-wired lights and I was wondering if anyone has tried to use any other ZigBee devices such as outlets and light switches with Tradfri hubs.

I’m currently looking at a couple plug in switches (45853GE) for some appliances, and while I like the idea of z-wave, if I can avoid buying a second hub/adapter I’d be much happier.

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Would also be interested if they can be used for other zigbee devices

I can’t fully answer your question, but I have paired a hue bulb to the TRÅDFRI hub. I plan on swapping over all hues to it so I’m only running one hub.

Thanks! I’ve read about Hue being compatible, I’m wondering more about hardwired devices at the moment. Can’t find anything online, so i’ll either have to risk it or just go with Zwave I think.

TRÅDFRI bulbs can now be paired to the Hue hub apparently…

So we don’t need the Tradfri hub?

Apparently not. I haven’t tried it yet though.
Anyone know if there’s any difference between the two hubs? Which one to keep?

Does anyone know smart plugs, that are compatible to the ikea gateway? Osram Plugs are not working for me.

Those act pretty funny. As long as you pair the plug with Ikea remote, it works just fine. But as soon as the hub sees the plug, it starts snapping on and off constantly.

Note that some trådfri bulbs s might need a firmware upgrade before you can pair them with hue, and to upgrade them you need a tradfri firmware.

I’m using a zwave wallswitch to control my tradfri bulbs.

Any news regarding a compatibility with Osram smart plugs? Do they still only go into such a re-/start loop?

Tried a month ago after multiple updates to Trådfri and still same situation. Tried to ask from Ikea but got no answer anywhere. It is supposed to be compatible but not in real life.

any news on using tradfri gateway to integrate non-ikea Zigbee devices?

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Tried couple times with that Osram plug after Trådfri updates and Ikea remote controlled power sockets were announced in-app. But still no luck.

You might wanna think bout switching to Xiaomi and take their gateway. Theyre able to pair some tradfri, hue, philips-bulbs and have pretty good hardware.

Hi, reporting my experience so far
I recently bought one of this OSRAM Smart+ Plug

I paired it with tradfri remote controller and it ‘almost’ worked.
It appears to be paired, I can see a ‘Plug 01’ in android tradfri app, and it shows up in the HASSIO integration page too.

image image

I can turn it on and off with the ikea remote and with HA. The big issue is that, intermittently, the plug starts ‘clicking’ (the classic relais sound) and keeps doing it forever. And then it appears ‘disconnected’ both in tradfri and in ha.

I’ve tried to pair the same plug with the xiaomi gw, but failed. The plug does not have a button to initiate the pairing, and I don’t think the xiaomi gw supports the ‘light link’ protocol