IKEA Tradfri - Include changing Color temperature in available actions in scripts and "setters"

Current options

Currently the options are as follows

  • Turn on
  • Turn off
  • Toggle
  • Increase brightness
  • Decrease brightness

Feature request

If possible it would be cool to

  1. Include Color temperature, so you can change it to whatever some of the default options
  2. Create setters for brightness and color temperature, so you can specify e.g. brightness to 80

The light.turn_on service allows you to set brightness and color temperature of ikea bulbs. So could you give an example of what you mean?

Currently there is no way to INCREASE or DECREASE the colour temperature by a set amount, just to SET it to a specified value.
I, for example, want to use an IKEA N2 button to control 3 lights and would like to be able to increase and decrease the colour temperature from said button.

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same here, that would be really useful and seams to be easy to archive, as the functionality it self is already there…

Google brought me here: I also want to use the left and right buttons of a tradfri remote to adjust the color temperature (this is also the default if the remote is used with the bulb without home assistant). It would be great if there was an action for that.

That is what I found as an alternative, but having an action to change the color temp would be way easier: