Ikea Tradfri Integration - Constant Reloading necessary

I have 2 Ikea Tradfri remotes connected to a gateway which I have then integrated into HA.

Each Remote controls a Zone in my house (consisting of 6 x GU10 light bulbs)

I also have a single E27 bulb connected to the gateway powering a front door light.

When it’s running, everything runs fantastically, my scenes, automations and control from the dashboard all work great. However I find I have to consistently reload the Ikea integration into HA at least every 1-2 days.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and if you have any advice or learning you can share, it’s very frustrating! :sob:

NOTE: I also have a Zigbee controller running some Aqara and Xiaomi sensors which I was originally going to run the Ikea lights from, I spent 2 days trying to get them connected and then gave up, opting for the Integration instead.

First step (as always) check the log.

Which controller and which integration?

It’s the Zigbee II Controller running with Phoscon, although I should point out, my post isn’t about the controller (I’m leaving the ZiggbeeII with Ikea battle for another day), it’s more about why the Ikea Tradfri HA integration continously drops out and why I need to re-load the integration every 1 or 2 days.

Yes, can confirm. The integration never ran flawlessly. At some point I got fed up and bought a tradfri gateway. The dropouts have become rarer since then, but can still be observed.
Some People use a keep-alive automation instead.

I gave up on Tradfri gateway for the same reason. I have combined my Tradfri, Aqara and Xiaomi sensors with this

GitHub - AlexxIT/XiaomiGateway3: Control Zigbee, BLE and Mesh devices from Home Assistant with Xiaomi Gateway 3 (ZNDMWG03LM) on original firmware using

This works with 25 xiaomi switches and sensors and 6 Tradfri lights. Never had an issue

I have 20 Ikea shades and have the same issue. I have to reload the integration constantly. At first it was because the Ikea hub would update. I have noticed the ikea hub needs restarted more too which I now have on a smart outlet to control. I am looking to just move all my Zigbee off to get better stability at this point.

Whenever the hub updates, I need to open the app on my phone, before the lights work with HA.

And it’s a pain in the ass when I need to change the battery in a remote.

Which is why I just moved 10 lights over to deconz. And it worked very easily.

Before ditching the ikea hub .I did look at scheduling a daily reboot

Steange that there are so many different experiences. Which HA are you using. I’m running Supervisor on Debian.

Short info: Devices dropping out/becoming unavailable