Ikea Tradfri LED driver with Hue bridge success

Hi was in Ikea today looking for one of those LED drivers just to have in a cabinet using a 13A socket, and spotted a Tradfri version I didn’t even know these were coming out. Anyway took the plunge and got one to try and 2 lights. Got it home tried pairing it about 2 metres from hue bridge, didn’t work, thought it might need the touch link procedure. I moved the driver near so that it touched the bridge, and ran “hue lights” touch link command 1minute later success it added it to the hue app. I now have an LED driver that can run 9 bulbs working via hue and HomeKit(using home bridge). Only problem ive found is the price each bulb is £10, although I wonder if the connection used on the driver is standardised and you could get cheaper ones, the connections on the lights are similar to motherboard jumper cabling. Also one thing to consider is the driver simply runs all 9 bulbs in unison, its doesn’t show up as 9 in hue.

Just noticed this isn’t even on there uk website, its basically this http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/lighting/integrated-lighting/ansluta-electronic-transformer-white-art-80300764/

but £1 more and has zigbee integrated


Thanks Joe, glad you took a punt and confirmed they work with hue, I’m going to grab a couple of these tomorrow and see what can be done with them.

We’ve got existing LED drivers in the kitchen, powering multiple very low wattage G4 bulbs, thinking with some minor adaptation could use this driver for them instead.

After that I guess see if there’s a way to wire this in to the GU10s in the ceiling, 6x4.5w=27w, within the capabilities - I’d certainly throw an hour or two and <£20 to upgrade the kitchen to voice controlled lighting

Here’s the link on the UK site btw https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/lighting/integrated-lighting/trådfri-driver-for-wireless-control-grey-art-60342656/

ps: you can run 10 of these units in a chain, with 9 bulbs / 30w each

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