IKEA Trådfri - light problem

Hi! I bought IKEA trådfri to get more lamp options to my home. After the installation it worked good and i could turn on and off my IKEA bulbs with IKEAS control and with HA. But suddenly I could not turn on or off my IKEA bulbs via HA but It worked with IKEAs control. When i got home from job it suddenly worked again to turn on off with HA.
Anyone else that had the same problem with IKEA bulbs?

There are a number of issues with the Ikea hub right now.

First you need to understand that there wasn’t an official method provided from Ikea to use their hub on something like HA. The developers found a way to make it work and it does work…most of the time.

There is an issue where the hub loses communication with HA and sometimes cannot come back after a restart. I have also seen reports that the hub is losing connection to even the app and needs to be reset (power cycled) before it will work again.

When you say that the bulbs still work with Ikeas control, are you talking about the phone app or their dimmer remote. The remote doesn’t use the hub, the app does. Would be helpful for trouble shooting the next time it drops to see if both the remote and app are able to update the bulbs.