IKEA Tradfri motionsensor - only battery_level?

I have connected a Tradfri motionsensor to my IKEA gateway.

Its nicely found and visible as a state sensor with battery_level: xx.

But the interesting thing is to create an automation with for example

- entity_id: sensor.tradfri_motion_sensor 

but that refers to the battery level I think. I have found older posts with entity_id: binary_sensor.tradfri_motion_sensor but that does not seem to work and is not viewable in the automation editors state browser.

Any hints?

Hi, Did you ever solved that?. I have the same issue / behaviour

You will need to get a CC2531 usb stick and install zigbee2mqtt in the add-on store of HA to be able to trigger the sensor as motion.

If you use the IKEA gateway, it is impossible to detect motion from the motion sensors. Not HA’s fault, it is the way IKEA designed the system. You need a third party ZigBee coordinator (zigbee2mqtt, ZHA, deconz) to use them as motion detectors.

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hello everyone,

to share my experience:
last april/may on my very first installation of Home assistant on the RPi3 i had the signal of the presence sensor shown on the home assistant, wich worked fairly well and i am using the ikea tradfri gateway.
right now i only receive the battery level, which is nice to know but not so useful :slight_smile:

this tell us there is a possiblity to go through the ikea gateway to have the information we need!
i am a noob on the domaine but if someone is willing to share a bit of time to try to debug it, would be a great help for the community.