IKEA TRADFRI On/Off group binding firmware versions

I’ve been using TRADFRI On/Off buttons with ZHA integration and various lightbulbs for some time.

  • When I initially bought them, they came with firmware version 0x22010631 and I was able to bind them to zigbee groups without any issues. I don’t know how well binding individual devices worked, if at all.
  • After some time I enabled OTA in ZHA and they got upgraded to FW 0x23079631 which could no longer bind groups, so I binded individual devices. Not ideal, but it worked.
  • Last week, another update came and now they have FW 0x24040006. The group bindings still doesn’t work and now I can bind only ONE individual devices. All previously binded devices got unbinded except for one.

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of downgrading, but since now I have lights and remotes that cannot control all them, I have to. While looking for the older firmware files, I noticed there are more versions that those 3 that I have experience with, so I first wanted to ask what firmware version are other people using and how do they work?
I was thinking about going back to 0x22010631, but there are numerous reports on high battery drain, so unless somebody has a good experience with any other version, I will go with 0x23079631.

Also I guess it might a good idea to disable OTA in ZHA since after every upgrade I came home to find my light switches not working. Good job IKEA!

I’m actually facing a similar issue with firmware 0x24040006.
I have a lamp with 6 tradfri bulbs, controlled by a tradfri on/off switch. However a few weeks ago I noticed that one of the bulbs stopped responding. I tried resetting both the bulb and the switch, rebinding the bulb to the switch, etc but nothing fixed the issue.
I noticed however that unbinding one of the other bulbs and then binding the unresponsive one was working.
But once I had bound the “faulty” bulb the one I just unbound showed the same behaviour.
My working theory is that the new firmware (24.4.6 - 0x24040006) lowered the limit of possible bindings. No matter what I do, binding more than 5 bulbs is not working.

Yesterday I tried downgrading the firmware with zigpy to 2.2.010 (which is the one that still supported groups) but after transferring the firmware it does not get applied and zigpy just starts retransmitting it again (I let it run over night - it transmitted the firmware a couple times but kept looping).
The IKEA release notes mention “Increased security regarding upgrade of firmware” with release 2.3.079 - maybe that blocks it from applying an older image…?

After that I tried to apply 2.3.079 with zigpy as well which actually worked. And lo and behold now I can bind 6 bulbs again!

For anyone else finding this, downgrading is quite some work:

If you use the managed HA image you also need the advanced ssh add-on to modify the zigpy file.
The firmware I used is http://fw.ota.homesmart.ikea.net/global/GW1.0/01.16.026/bin/10005778-10.1-TRADFRI-onoff-shortcut-control-2.3.079.ota.ota.signed

I just discovered this very annoying limitation my self. I have 6 trådfri gu10 ww bulbs in my bathroom, and experienced the exact same behavior as you. My way of testing and fixing led to the same conclusion as you.

I counted my way to 14 binds is the new limit.
The way I made it work without downgrading firmware, was to unbind some of the reporting from the switch itself to the coordinator.

So the switch has an OnOff and a LevelCtrl bind to each bulb, totalling 12.
The switch then has an OnOff and a PowerCFG bind to the coordinator. This makes it 14, and everything works so far.

The bind i left behind to the coordinator, is the GenPollCtrl which as far to my knowledge tells the coordinator which firmware etc etc is has.