IKEA Tradfri remote one button not working

Hi all,

Absolute newbe to HA, installed it a couple days ago but already loving it.

I’ve got an issue and I can’t find a solution here or anywhere else so I hope someone here can give me a tip.

I’m running HASS on RPI 4B with a Conbee II dongle and deCONZ. I have an IKEA Tradfri 5 button remote that I’ve connected via deCONZ. The remote is visible in both deCONZ and in HA. However the big On/Off button in the middle is not being recognized. If I listen to the events I can see all the other buttons but not the main one. Strange thing is the first time I connected it, it did show up in the events.

Now a logical explanation would be that the button is broken, but when pairing in deCONZ this button needs to be pushed for 10 seconds and that works. So to me it seems the button is not broken but something goes wrong in HA.

I’ve already disconnected and reconnected several times. Completely removed the device from HA (via the core.enity.register) but still the same problem occurs.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Cheers, Alex

I have exactly the same issue, all events are reported except for 1002= middle button.
My version is reported as 2.3.014 in Phoscon
I wonder what version you have as well as the version for those where the middle button does work?

I don’t think the button is broken because I can see traffic from the middle button in deconz app.

My version: 2.11.05.

I just tested it again. At first it did report the middle button (1002) as well as all the other buttons. Then I tested holding the middle button (1003), that worked but now it doesn’t show the 1002 event anymore :dizzy_face:

Have you managed to solve this yet? I have the exact same issue. Brand new Tradfri Remote, had a few issues joining it to the Zigbee network but got it connected eventually including having to hold the middle button to connect. I can see events firing from all of the other buttons except the power button.

For anyone else who sees this - for me this has resolved itself after a day or two. The only change I made during this time was to update the Conbee II firmware to 266F0700 so this may have been the resolution.

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Just update everything and I’m “supposedly” on the latest version, but I’m still having the same issue.
All buttons work, except the main/central one (Turn on/off)

Any ideas regarding this issue?

Sorry, I’ve been out of the game for a while and couldn’t reply.

I somehow misplaced my IKEA Tradfri 5 button so I can’t test it any further until I find it again :roll_eyes:
But today I bought the IKEA Tradfri 2 button switch and that one is working like a charm.