Ikea Tradfri Repeaters, do they start participating in time?


I have added 4 Tradfri Repeaters to my 120 device zigbee network. I rebooted. It has been 4-5 hours. When I look at the zigbee network, they are not connected to anything, they are lonely islands.

Do I expect more networking in time as other routers fail, or did i do something wrong adding them to my zha network.

Thanks in advance

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That entirely depends on your end devices.

Spec says they’re supposed to rehome to a better parent over time but how better is defined is entirely up to the device. So in reality how that manifests…

Some may switch immediately. Some at some time in the future if they determine the parent connection is weak and some never move…

This is why it’s recommended to build the mesh from coordinator outward powered devices first pairing I place. (it naturally builds a nice mesh)

You may have to go re-pair some end devices before they use the routers. (I also realized this is probably because of the other zigbee thread you have - with those end devices you may be re-adding many of them, but you shouldn’t have to remove them - just run them through join again)

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