IKEA TRADFRI shortcut and STYRBAR remote not working with Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 dongle plus

I have 5 of these shortcut buttons. Two of them show up fine. They have a battery showing it’s charge and work as buttons in ZHA using a sonoff 3.0 plus dongle.
The other 3 pair but show a battery with a ? On it and don’t work.
I also have two STYRBAR remotes and they are the same. Paired but not working.

I then have a TRADFRE on/off and that works fine.

I tried swapping the Sonoff to a conbee II and all the shortcut buttons paired and worked but they’d fire the action twice 9/10 times.
The STUTBARs didn’t work

I’ve gone back to the sonoff now but don’t know why these 3 buttons just don’t want to work. The conbee II proves they can work.
Any idea what I can do to them?

I tried sending the OTA update but it just showed a red error when I pressed the button for it.

I’m running the latest Ha on a pi4 on a m2. The dongles are in a usb 2 extension cable.
I also tried swapping the Sonoff antenna and setting up the buttons next to the dongle.
There are no other WiFi devices near and my WiFi runs on channel 11 while I’m guessing the zigbee is on the default 15.

The fact the buttons work with the conbee makes me wonder what is going on with these 3 buttons?

Based on your description I am assuming that the only practical difference between the environment setups with ConBee versus the Itead Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Plus dongle is their firmware and not location, and if so then suggest report to → https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues

IMHO Zigbee Coordinator firmware and interference will still always suspects no1 and no2 for Zigbee.

Recommend update to the very latest Zigbee Coordinator firmware then also try to further avoid interference if possible by making sure connected to a USB 2.0 port (and not USB 3.9 port) and making sure no other appliances and peripherals or their power supplies are close to the Zigbee dongle.

See Update ZHA documentation with tips on improving Zigbee network range by Hedda · Pull Request #18864 · home-assistant/home-assistant.io · GitHub

and https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#best-practices-to-avoid-pairingconnection-difficulties

Thank you for this. I’ve found that using the sonoff 3.0 plus zigbee dongle in a usb extension and an Ariel extension and a bigger Ariel (not sure this is necessary but I had one lying around) and using MQTT works amazingly. Everything is picked up and works great. Not more issues!

I’ll keep to this setup for now. It was daunting to setup but once I did everything has worked and onboarded fine. One slight issue was a ikea battery being flat.

Now to figure out how to set up double triple and quadruple clicks. If that’s possible