Ikea Tradfri + xiaomi gateway?


Hi, I wanted to buy two Ikea Tradfri 1000lm bulbs for their brightness, and I’d like to pair them with the xiaomi gateway in order to use the wireless aqara wall switches. I also wanted to create myself a human presence sensor using an Arduino for fun (and to save money), so I would need to use something like Home Assistant since IFTTT is not supported by the xiaomi gateway.
Now, I’ve read that home Assistant has got some problems controlling Ikea bulbs paired with the xiaomi gateway instead of the Tradfri one, so what would be the best way to achieve this? should I just say “fuck it”, buy a xiaomi sensor and ditch Home Assistant?


Best solution and cheapest I found out is zigbee2mqtt but with another gateway CC253x. I use it for my IKEA bulbs and xiaomi things and it is working pretty well.


Until now, xiaomi gateway can pair ikea bulbs but it doesn’t expose them, so you can use tham in HA via xiaomi gateway :\


I really hope this will be changed. That would minimize at least one gateway in my setup - actually two, but since HA doesn’t support mulltiple Traadfri gateways its only one.