IKEA VALLHORN motion sensor (ZHA)

Does the lux sensor report continuously, even if there is no motion detected?

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Good question. I would like to know to before I buy them.

History from my Vallhorn sensor in the basement. The lux is updated many times during periods without movement.

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Yes, it is reporting continuously. I use this entity to automate another light.
I applied the Advanced Motion Sensor Automation blueprint to the IKEA VALLHORN. I’m testing for now and so far I don’t see any major problems. What I miss is the ability to select the switch as ‘light’.
I have not yet discovered which entity (occupancy or opening) is better suited for control. Vallhorn has a hardware option to select grace period (1 or 5 min), so ‘wait time’ in the blueprint just adds to that one. As for the luxmeter, that acct is affected by the hardware settings.
Whether I use rechargeables (1.2V) or alkaline batteries (1.5V), the Vallhorn’s behaviour is exactly the same. I have not noticed any differences. Designing the equipment for rechargeable battery only would make no sense structurally and in terms of usability, wouldn’t it?