Ikea Vallhorn not Paring in Zigbee2MQTT (Z2M)

Hi all,
Trying to pair these new IKEA motion sensors and not having any luck. The device E2134 is listed as a supported device - see here https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/E2134.htmlThe IKEA documentation says to hold the paring button for 10 second and a red LED will steadily shine under the lens of the motion sensor. I don’t see the light when the pairing button is pushed but it does light up when first powered on. Have others been able to pair these? Thanks!

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I was able to get it pair. Still not exactly sure what the correct steps are, but holding the paring button down before powering the device on and then repeatedly pushing the paring button eventually caused the right to turn red and then it paired.

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Faced same issue…
Thanks for pointing out… holding pair button for 10 seconds and after that repeatedly pressing pairing button did the trick.

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Same behaviour here, commenting for visibility.

The instructions on the Zigbee2MQTT site are wrong, you only need to tap the button 4 times. I’ve installed around a dozen of these for my parents and have one on my house.

I’m hoping there are improvements, but so far I’m not impressed by them. The response time and viewing angle doesn’t seem to be great, same for sensitivity. And the false trigger rates are pretty high. The one in my house is now showing as detected 24/7.


Ikea Vallhorn False Motion Detection :wink:

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This isn’t my issue.

Anecdotally, after uograding to the new HA release, the motion sensor is triggering itself every few minutes.

If i remember rightly

Ikea devices for ZigBee pairing, Sonofg dongle for example is four rapid presses on the pairing button and not ten seconds with their own station

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thanks, that is the correct answer indeed. No need to press and wait and mess, just tapped 4 times like you said and blink blink - joined to z2m.

Joined initially as unsupported, due to having version 1.33 of z2m, update to 1.35 and now it’s all good.

As an update. This was part of my issue. The second part was either my coordinator(Sonoff dongle, P version or Zigbee2MQTT). Switching to the Skyconnect and ZHA improved the performance and reliability.

I was really struggling with this until I updated my Sonoff dongle

Now works perfectly. hth!

Hi Press the pair Button 4 times and wait the motion sensor should then start flashing red, I had this problem and the problem is Dead batterys, and Ikea 10s pair Dont pair it by holding the button for 10s Press it just 4 times and it should do the trick.