IKEA Vindriktning Air Quality Sensor

thanks man,

Jeez, I wish somebody would fire up kicad and make a custom PCB for this that’s plug and play. Just add a CS811 and BME280 and we’ve got the ESPHome sensor everybody has always been waiting for :slight_smile:

I followed this sensor and used esphome and used a PMS7003. Works well.

I’m testing this sensor with bad smelling burning food in kitchen… let’s see if this can prevent kitchen accidents…

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Have you guys seen vccground’s video of a Tasmota-based mod of the VINDRIKTNING that results in PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 being measured separately?

His binary is here:

I was wondering if we could reverse engineer what he’s doing that lets him tap into the 3 separate readings while we’re only getting PM2.5 readings.

Read the topic again from this point. @Habbie asked CUBIC about the other values.

Sorry, I’ve just noticed that he uses the Tasmota firmware. And Tasmota added support for PM1 and PM2.5, but those were made on assumptions. The aforementioned point of the discussion (or around that), has some comment about the Tasmota code as well.

Thanks! If I’ve understood the discussion and the various links to github issues, it boils down to the PM1006K supporting PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, but the PM1006 not doing so and the VINDRIKTNING containing the PM1006. So, Tasmota’s implementation is interpreting some data as PM1 and PM10 on the assumption that this is what is contained in the frame, but this is not officially confirmed by Cubic - actively denied, in fact - and so considered erroneous by @Habbie?


That is correct!


Too sensitive.
Test: electric griddle for fish, located in the kitchen, extractor fan on.
VINDRIKTNING in another place approximately 10 meters away


PS: the fish did not burn and was very good

An alternative conclusion would be that your extractor fan is not compensating for the results of cooking as well as you think. At least the data shows that air quality restores quickly!

That looks good to me. I am not using the IKEA one in the kitchen but I have a Xiaomi airpurifier and a Philips one at two locations in the house both having a direct door or space towards the kitchen.

Even if the kitchen fan is on or off, both of them picks up the smell and turns to higher levels.

The other day, the Philips one was even reporting bad air quality hours later during the night.

It works as expected, I would say.

Damn I want to make this, but it’s sold out everywhere here in The Netherlands.

Hello guys,

How do you find the noise of the built-in fan in Vindriktning? I have bought and modded mine yesterday, but i find the fan is too loud.

Hi @Mosher,

Please read back the topic. There are a decent amount of discussion about the fan’s noise level, together with different solutions how to reduce it.

Thanks for a reply. I have read those posts, but the topic is left open. Reducing speed will affect intended readings in my opinion.

Probably. But unfortunately there is no good solution.

I sleep in a room with an airpurifier, and I have a mosquito trap which has a blue/purple light to lure and a fan to suck the little bastards into a trap. Both makes noise, but I sleep quite well with it.
Might be if you set the fan to run continuously from the 3V terminal that would make it more acceptable for you.

But of course it all depends on your sensitivity. I also have an old clock as well which hits half’s and hours as well, and I sleep so well with it. What wakes me up is really when the noise stops… :wink:

Man! I envy you!

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I spent a lot time working and living next to running generators or engines. So I learnt to sleep this way. And really a blackout or engine stop wakes me up.

But there used to be times when a ticking clock or watch could make me stay awake for hours.

Unfortunately, I am totally disappointed. I can hear this sensor from 6m away. For me it’s unacceptable. I will return it.