Ikea Vindriktning++

Ikea has this really nice air quality particle sensor called the Vindriktning but it’s not ESPHome compatible. There have been quite a few people who have added a ESP8266, often with some more sensors in there, but I’ve never found that to be quite the thing I needed. I wanted everything and the kitchen sink in that enclosure in a nice way :face_with_monocle:

So I’ve spent a few evenings with KiCad and made a new PCB for the Vindriktning such that with simply replacing the PCB it’s a plug-and-play upgrade. Behold the Vindriktning++:


  • ESP32-C3 for wifi and bluetooth (plant sensors and presence detection)
  • SCD40 real CO2/Temp/RH sensor
  • SHT35 Temp/RH sensor
  • SGP40 VOC sensor
  • ALS-PT19 Lux sensor
  • IRM-H638T IR remote control sensor
  • IR led for remote control sending
  • AM-312 PIR sensor support
  • PWM fan control
  • Buzzer
  • 4x WS2812 RGB led on the front
  • USB2.0 over USB-C for programming the ESP32

Pretty much all of this is compatible with ESPHome so should work out-of-the-box on the software side.

Not the cheapest of boards because of the sensors, but if it works it’ll do all I ever want.The first batch of PCB’s are on the way, let’s see what happens. :sunglasses:


Allright, time for an update. I’m at board rev 2 and things are starting to come together :slight_smile:

This is the current board, still a few issues but next rev that’ll all be cleaned up.

When connected to the particle sensor and loaded up with with an SGP40 Co2 sensor. (The blue led is the IR blaster but mounted in the wrong direction and with blue light for debugging)

And because of the individually addressable LEDs, your Vindriktning can express more compilated emotions while playing rtttl sounds to add to the effect :wink:


And v3 is on it’s way!


Costs at JLCPCB are around 20 euro/board for a batch of 5 with SHT35 (temp/rh), but without SGP40 (voc) or SCD40 (CO2) or the leds/ir receiver on the bottom. Fully loaded probably 50 euros which is not too bad given what thing can do :slight_smile:

Once it’s done and debugged I’ll open-source the designs and esphome scripts on my Github.


Love it, can’t wait to see it on GH! I’m hoping it was made in KiCad :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? I was looking to try doing exactly this, but time is never in my favour to do this part.
Would be very keen and getting my 5 devices re-done this way.

Sure is, v3 is going just fine but I want to fix a few nagging things so designing v4 now. Few weeks out I guess before it’s all done and dusted.


Looking forward to the shared schematics :slight_smile:

Please let me know if I can buy one or two from you!

Also willing to buy! Want to write a nice article on gadget-freakz.com about it!!

Please let me know if I can buy one or two from you!
Preferably with all components installed. I’m not the biggest star in soldering

Hey buddy. Any luck with the latest version?

Really nice idea,

is there some git to look for the ESP Code ?



Cool project will be Bluetooth integrated?

This looks really promising!
I would be very interested if anybody is willing to arrange a little production run for these.

Did you connect the USB data lines directly to the ESP32-C3?
It has an build-in USB peripheral that gives you a (virtual) COM port (Programming + debug console) and JTAG Debugger. It is really useful.

Some updates on the V4 ? would be interested to buy a board fully equipped with all components :slight_smile:

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Hoping to see V4/ public availability on this!

Is there a github page to follow the project?
Additionally i would love to see a support for MH-Z19B and PMS7003 (it also detects PM1 and PM10)

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Gotta say I’m very impressed with the work you’ve done on this project but I can’t help but notice the radio silence. Has this project been abandoned? If so, I’d be more than happy to get a copy of your board designs/ESPHome config and take it to the finish line. Obviously all credit goes to you!


Any news on v3 or even v4?
If not just post what you have onto github and the community can start on something, or make it available on tindie.

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Ah yet another case of I’ll release it when it’s done, that never gets released.
@DennisF please share whatever your current progress is. It will benefit so many people, even when you think it’s not good enough for sharing! I just looked at my vindrikning with an SDC40 in my hand, and thought, man how cool would it be. Google led me here and I felt like: yay I’ll find kicad file here that I can use and make the process so much more worthwhile, just to find you promised to share it 3x after you iron out a few things, but ended up not sharing at all.

The design is great and nobody expects a perfect product, there already is much more value than you can think of, and if you find quirks, just post an update and a lot of people will be able to learn from your mistakes.

Open source is not about sharing perfectly polished products, it’s about sharing the process and shaping stuff together. Which will not happen if you shy out on sharing in the first place :frowning:
You’ve done great work so far, please don’t let it settle dust on your hard drive!