Ikea Vindstyrka humidity sensor too high


I’m experiencing much too high humidity sensor values with Ikea Vindstyrka in comparison to a dump humidity sensor. First search engine hit was this, which describes my problem exactly (on the wrong platform). Are there more users observing this? Or do I have an especially inaccurate version and yours is working fine?

For me it’s not an suitable option to transform the value afterwards. For that I could have bought a cheaper version without a display.

Too high for a dump one? Guess first thing todo is consult the data sheets of both devices to get an idea what they promise at first :bulb: In case they don’t even tell it might be already a bad sign (expecting like +/-10% or more inaccuracy) - still you could check the sensors/chip’s them self inside the device to still hunt down hard facts :hammer_and_wrench:


I am having the exact same problem. In my case it is 8% higher than 2 other sensors. I have tried changing the device at Ikea but I got the same pattern with both devices.
Shame …