Ikea Zigbee Blinds Fyrtur started to move by themself?! Ghosts arent real, right?

So I am on latest core+supervisor on a RasPi4 using a RaspBee II and I´ve had 8 of these blinds for around 2 month now.

Yesterday some of my blinds started to move by themself. I looked at my automations and scenes but none got called that contains blinds.
The ZigBee2MQTT logs also dont show anything.
After this happened yesterday I charged all blind batteries because I thought that might be the reason but just now it happened again.
What is strange too is that the blinds kept closing even after reaching the end-point…

Signal strength is also fine and I am pretty sure that there is nobody else using zigbee or ikea blinds within reach of my house.

Any idea where to start troubleshooting?