Ikea Zigbee Signal Repeater

That is zigbee2mqtt Networkmap. It’s available in HACS as well. There is also zigbee2mqttassistant in Hassio addons with similar maps.

This is interesting, when you say Xiaomi sensors is it everything made by Xiaomi? I have door sensors that keep dropping off or have a weak signal so a repeater would be great.

If the IKEA repeater won’t work for xiaomi sensors can anyone recommend an alternative?

The xiaomi motion and temperature sensors work in my case with my CC2531 routers.

I only have the Xiaomi Mijia temp/humidity sensors and Xiaomi Aqara motion/lux sensors, but neither of those would link to the Tradfi repeater (and the signal strength for the repeater was actually weaker in some cases than the Xiaomo sensors were getting (or about he same)). I’ve since taken in back.

I’m currently running a CC2531 (with antenna) as a coordinator, so will probably get another at some point and flash as router.

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I have all the parts to make a CC2531 Router and was planning on doing this project over the holidays. I am running a HUSBZB-1 stick, do I just add the router through the ZHA panel as if it was just a regular zigbee device?

I have actually eliminated my Zigbee instability issues by changing the Zigbee channel the HUSBZB-1 uses so it is as far away from my 2.4 WiFi as possible so don’t really need the CC2531 router but want to do it for learning purposes lol

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I have Ikea Tradfri outlets and my Xiaomi zigbee sensors are using those as a hop. Not sure why in some cases they would refuse to use the Ikea equipment.

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I have one with hassio and deconz, conbee II. Its works without issues.
Sensors are aqara door, aqara hum, ikea motion, ikea lamps, ikea outlet, ikea switches.

That’s interesting. I may buy one for testing purposes. Can always return if it doesn’t work.

Out of interest what are you using for your map? I use zigbee2mqttassistant at the moment.

Is the Zigbee channel comparative the Wi-Fi channel? I.e. how would you know which zigbee channel to choose to not interfere with Wi-Fi?

I’m tempted to change the zigbee channel on my co-originator but not sure to what?

Have a look here.

You can use a Wi-Fi analyzer app on your phone to see which wifi channels are busy.

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It’s the inbuilt map in deconz. You find it if you VNC to port 5900. You find it under hass.io–>dashboard–>deconz.



Wifi cannels and zigbee channels are not the same (zigbee channel 11 is not same as wifi channel 11), but they can disturb each other:


By default the HUSBZB-1 used Zigbee channel 15 and my WiFi was on channel 6 (look at the channel diagram just posted) I was getting devices randomly going unavailable.

I moved my Zigbee channel to 11 and moved my WiFi to channel 11. They are now as far apart as they can be. Since then my Zigbee network has been rock solid

The HUSBZB-1 was a little challenging to change channels but the Conbee 2 stick can easily be changed through the Deconz software

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Very interesting. I’m running CC2531 coordinator on zigbee2mqtt. I wonder if the software could make any difference to whether Xiaomi gear plays nicely with Tradfi. I did try a number of times repairing stiff with no luck. And I literally had my Xiaomi sensor 40cm away from the Tradfri repeater. Tradfri repeater connected to the CC2531 coordinate moderately well, but whenever I tried to re-pair the sensor, it would just connect directly to the coordinater, rather than the repeater.

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I’m using HUSBZB-1 dongle and my furthest Aqara door sensor has a RSSI signal strength of -98, got dropped out quite a bit. Pickup a Tradfri signal repeater this evening and added to HA, put that right at the mid-point where the repeater has a RSSI -77, finally added that particular Aqara door sensor to the repeater, now the Aqara door sensor has RSSI -76. Working like a charm ! Thank you guys !

Don’t know if this will help - I click on (1) to pair the Tradfri signal repeater to the HUSBZB-1 coordinator. and once it’s pair, select the Tradfri signal repeater via (2) and you will see at the bottom there’s another “add device” highlighted as per (3) in the diagram. by clicking “add device” (3) and I pair the aqara door sensor to Tradfri signal repeater, my aqara door sensor now has significantly better signal.

ps. I’m using HA version 103.5


Thanks @xenz! I’m using zigbee2mqtt, so I don’t have that interface.

I wondered, if you can pair sensor to Tradfri repeater directly without that ZHA interface. ie. poke the hole on Tradfri and then press the button on sensor to pair them.

That’s how I was trying it. Tradfri has been return now anyway. Gonna try a CC25311-based repeater.

Can you use a CC25311 repeater with a regular ZHA network? I have a HUSBZB-1 and all the parts to make a CC2531. I just haven’t got around to it.