IKEA's Styrbar to be able to control 2 light groups?

I run HA in Rpi 4 and lately I purchased IKEA’s Styrbar remote control along with 5 Ikea’s Tradfri bulbs, all zigbee compatible.

I managed to connect Styrbar and the first 3 bulbs (grouped in one light group) to HA using Zigbee2Mqtt. I used the following:
• Styrbar blueprint  Controller - IKEA E2001/E2002 STYRBAR Remote control | Awesome HA Blueprints
• Blueprint for light hook  Hook - Light | Awesome HA Blueprints

They work smoothly.

Then, I tried to use virtual double press actions (from the blueprint) for up and down buttons to turn on and off the other 2 Tradfri bulbs (grouped in one light group).

• I turned on “Expose up button double press event” and “Expose down button double press event” and
• In “Up button double press” action I set to turn on the 2nd light group
• In “Down button double press” action I set to turn off the 2nd light group

Didn’t manage to get it to work.

Any ideas to be able to use Styrbar for 2 light groups (the 2nd group only to turn on and off, not interested in changing brightness or something else)?