IKOHS S18 Vacuum Integration


I bought an IKOHS S18 Vacuum and it’s a great price for the it’s performance! I wish I could connect it to my home assistant so I can control it with the HA or through HomeKit Integration. The app is very similar to smart life app (seems like a variation of it). Is there anyway I can integrate it?

Here is the robot and app links:

APP: https://apps.apple.com/pt/app/ikohs-home/id1479200310 or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ikohs.home&hl=pt

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i have the same problem and i can’t find anything. you solved?

Not yet :frowning:

I just bought a BlauPunkt Bluebot Xboost and have the same problem. The vacuum can be connected to Smart Life and/or Tuya and Tuya can also be linked to HA but does not see the device. I hope anyone can get this working as I really like the HA app.

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Anyone solved the IKOHS issue?

So i connected it to my tuya app and then went long ways to connect it to Home Assistant via Node Red I am stuck there at the moment because I did not have more time yet i will share the links to the tuya integration. https://github.com/hgross/node-red-contrib-tuya-smart

If still needed, try to extract the localkey and use the localtuya integration, this is how i have my Ikohs ls27 working in HA.

this has been a good help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKvGYXw-_cE&t=669s

Did anyone alreade got the Blaupunt XBoost connected to home assistant ?

How did you do it? I’m trying to get my netbot s15 but I’m not getting anywhere…

how did i do what, get the localkey?

Get the S18 integrated into HA… I have the S15 which I did have for a while in HA but for some unknown reason it disappeared one day never to be seen again…

How did you integrate this vacuum? Can you explain.?