Ikohs windcalm dc ceiling fan

Is there somebody who already make an Integration possiblity between the ikohs wind calm dc ceiling fan and HA? It’s already connected by WIFI with his own app named Create Home.

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I’m interested in the same thing. It seems like it’s a tuya / smart life based chip inside. I assume that by the name of the temporary wifi network emitted by the fan plus the login url the app shows shortly when syncing with Google assistant. However I was not able to log into my “create” app account using my tuya credentials. I haven’t tried pairing the fan with the tuya app directly instead, though. Did you try that, yet?

Plus I have difficulties finding anything related to that app since “create” is probably the most ambiguous name to choose as a name for a manufacturer.

Any update on this part, did you try connecting it to the tuya app direclty already? I am interested in this fan but have not bought it yet as it has no need to me if I cannot integrate it into home assistant.

That would be great. Im also very interested

Have a look here

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Can you please help me how you connected the fan to the app. It ask me for presh reset button 5 sec for connection mode, but i can not fond what is the reset button. How to get the fan in connection mode.

When I folow the app I het a question does it blink slow or fast, what shouls blink?

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hello! were you able to overcome this?

Hi! In my case I control the fan with the Smart Life app, which can be integrated with HA (TUYA integration).

Hi there! Iḿ going to buy this fan. In your opinion, is it worth to buy it or is it only problems with home assistant?

I integrated 4 ceiling funs with tuya smart app and tuya integration in HA through tuya iot plafform…now is all over beacuse of ending of free trial period…i refuse to pay monthly subscription for this…it is a nice bonus to see and control fans with HA but not worth it…if you want to integrate them in HA be aware of TUYA is going to end up charging you for it! unless there is an alternative local method I am not aware off
Total dissapointment for me

are you sure you have to pay?
I just resubscribed for another 6months trial period and the documentation that i have seen says this is normal for the Tuya integration. i.e. go back in and resubscribe (for free) every 6 months.
Hopefully Tuya will work with HA to make a better integration method.

The instructions (which should have been in the package) say that you should click the “Blinking Quickly” option.

I have some Tuya smart plugs and integrated them through the LocalTuya HACS integration
You still need to subscribe to the Tuya website once, but after that the integration is totally local