ILIFE A7 vacuum - is it possible to connect?

Hello there, new to hass and trying to figure out what my old stuff is possible to integrate to it before buying something new.

I have a pretty dumb ilife A7, which has wifi connection and can be controlled via very specific app -
At least it works…

I know it’s IP, but really don’t understand if it’s possible to connect it at all, cant find any integrations or at least some info about ilife vacuums.
(I know it can be controlled via IR, but this doesn’t sound very good)

Hi, welcome. Does this look any use? GitHub - ksya/ILIFERobot: Add WiFi capabilities to the ILIFE V5s using a NodeMCU or other ESP module.

Saw this, but it’s about how to make a non-smart vacuum actually smart by emulating ir commands and check some statuses over custom made wifi controller. But my model already has wi-fi control, so i’m wondering if there’s some universal way to connect to it.

Did you ever have any luck finding out information? I have an iLife A10 and would like to get it integrated.

Unfortunately no.

I have had luck integrating through my Harmony Hub. You can add the iLife vac as a device, and then you will have to edit each of the commands and train your hub for each command.

You’ll also need to edit the start and end sequences. I have my start to send the Select (just to wake it), 5-second delay and then Clean commands; my end sends the Select (pause), 5-second delay and then Home commands.

Took me maybe 10 minutes total.

You don’t get fancy features like battery life or a map, but you don’t get those with these vacs anyway.
Also, once the vac is out of range of the hub, the hub can no longer control it.

I have mine docked right across the room from my hub so it can receive the commands. You’ll need yours docked within eyeshot of the hub or IR blaster.

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Groot almighty, I completely forgot that this dumb boy has an ir remote!
Just never even got the remote from the box…
Thank you for than idea~~

If this is still open: as I understand in the 2023-01 version of Home Assistant there will be the option to control Google Home devices from HA ( Google Assistant SDK - Home Assistant ( ).
So I guess that should enable us to link iLIFEHOME and control the vacuum.

(I also toyed with the idea to use IR for my A7 but I have no good point to place the IR sender)