I'll pay for Yaml coding & dashboard design help

Hi Guys, i love home automation, but im not good at programing. i can do the hardware part and know what i would want the automation to do, but i have no idea how to program it.
i’ve looked into node red but that’s also not a simple click and create type of platform.
No matter what, Yaml coding is necessary.
so im looking for someone who would be willing to code for me some automations based on my ideas.
im located in Europe, but im sure we can do it via remote control or maybe even just by designing the template and i would add in the specific sensors and actual switches/relays/lights.
i know there are many templates out there but i really get lost on maybe even the simplest things (for programmers) but for non programmer its a headache.
im not able to spend a fortune on this either, but if someone would be willing to make few bucks here and there for simple programing and dashboard design, i would pay a reasonable amount.

so, is anyone up for such a task??? :slightly_smiling_face:

i cant afford to call some home automation company and ask them to do it as it would be in the hundreds if not thousands of euros :frowning:

Thanks .

YAML isn’t programming. It’s more like writing a recipe.

You will gain a great deal of control over your home automation if you spend just a little time learning how to use it.

A couple of very good introductions:



Thanks for the suggestion Tom.

i watched youtube videos, but you know, as soon as one things throws you off-guard some terminology or some step which i cant directly ask, then i get lost and from there on it just doesn’t click.
ok, i’ll take a look at those links and learn.
trust me, i want to learn it so i can do it on my own, just wish there was some course where i could go one on one and actually ask questions so i dont lose myself over some thing like bolean, or entity, or template and so on.

Thanks again for your support and suggestion. but in case any one is interested in some cooperation im open to it.

Thank you .

Node-Red might seem steep, but it’s really not.
Look at some of the videos on YouTube and play around and when you have questions then ask them here.
You will soon get the hang of it.

Do the technical setup first, then play with improving and prettying the dashboards later.

Just for a frame of reference, I am a professional programmer and it probably took about 30-40 hours of messing around before I felt completely comfortable with the ins and outs of HA.

It helps to know what all the pieces are as well. If something is in double brackets ({{ like this }}), then it is a template. If something is in a bracket and percent symbol ({% like this %}), then it is Jinja. Otherwise, you’re probably just looking at plain old YAML.

The reason this is important to understand is because this tells you where to look.

Templates: Templates are written in Python and can use many Python functions. Some are specific to HA, like state_attr(), but most are not. If something is unfamiliar in a template, look it up in the HA docs, Python docs (just google ‘python datetime’ or whatever you’re looking for), or try it out in the template tab in ‘Developer Tools’.

Jinja: Jinja was new to me when I started messing around with HA. To me, it seems similar to Python but is still certainly it’s own thing. The Jinja docs are pretty much the one source of truth for anything Jinja.

YAML: Anything related to YAML can be found in the HA docs. If you encounter a weird object or are unsure of what you can do with certain fields, the docs will tell you.

And, of course, many helpful people hang out around here and are always perusing new questions.