Illuminatrix – a light color scene generator

Since we could all use a little change as far as RGB lights go, and since it can be a bit tedious to come up with color schemes and palettes on your own, I wrote Illuminatrix.

It’s a custom frontend panel (and/or standalone webapp) that lets you assign colors (with variations) to your RGB lights – never the same colors again (unless you want to, of course – it just calls the light service in HA, doesn’t mess with your scenes or anything).

There’s a whole bunch of nice-looking palettes included too (including the Commodore 64 palette, if you’re so inclined).

Installation currently requires some manual configuration work, but it’s all in the README on GitHub. If you try it out, I’d love to hear some feedback (either here or on the GitHub issue tracker). There’re probably some bugs, and it’s certainly a bit rough around the edges.