I'm a bit lost with august integration

Hi ! i’m looking to buy an august door lock and integrate it in Home assistant but i don’t know witch one I need … Pro ? not pro ? with connect without connect ??


Take note that i do not have any zwave or zigbee at home

Also, Can i use this as a ‘’ who is home ‘’ thing like he will know who unlock the door ?

FYI. You’ll have to re-pair the August cloud to HASS every few months. To me it’s super irritating which is why I mention it.

You need the Connect to integrate with HASS. The lock itself is bluetooth. The Connect bridges the Bluetooth lock to the cloud (via wifi) which HASS connects to.

Ok and i can buy the pro or the standard one ? both will work as lonng as I buy the connect ?

Is this an August thing or something with HASS?