I'm about to give up before I even start

I’ve been trying to get Hass.io started on virtualbox and I admit I worked great the first time I followed Drzzs tutorial and thehookups tutorial also. I didn’t really have any devices to add except maybe an echo an a couple smart TVs and plex. So just starting I added mqtt broker and samba add on as those seemed to be recommended alot. I was just clicking around exploring NOT TYPING ANYTHING and things were great. The next day I couldn’t even get home assistant to come up with hassio.local:8123 like I could the day before. After messing around I just did a full delete of virtualbox and deleted all files associated with hassio. And redid everything. and it would work to were I got the previous time. Then same thing happened not able to access. Now when I fresh start everything I’m even having virtualbox quit responding or hanging up on random moments when trying to start machine.
Should I give up the virtualbox for now and just try a pi from the beginning since I’m just getting started or what

Or you could look in the log files and try to see what you configured incorrectly.

Are you running a configuration check before restarting home assistant?

I checked logs after I added addons and everything is fine. As far as configuring things for automation I haven’t added anything. I was just wanting to get home assistant added so I could add things to it as I acquired them

… can you post your home-assistant.log file…
(Format as code please)