I'm getting a warning message saying "auto_uart is depreciated"

21-02-14 14:53:50 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.addons.validate] Add-on config ‘auto_uart’ is deprecated, use ‘uart’. Please report this to the maintainer of ESPHome

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This tells you what to do.

There is an update available to fix this already released. Update the addon.

Thanks Tom, but this is with the latest version

I’m getting the same fault in my supervisor logs, checked and I’m on the latest version 1.16.1.

I don’t see any updates for what I have installed. Which update are you referring to specifically?

Agreed. So (pardon my ignorance) what is the procedure and how do I do that?

Now that I know where to look, it looks like someone else has already reported it :slight_smile:

I get the same messages. But I do not have ESPHome installed! Where do these come from?

Does it matter. It is a warning, not an error.

From the supervisor.