Im having a problem to turn on my Samsung Smart TV

I can do all the normal things like change its volume and do other things like mute it and change channels, but i cannot turn it on, it gives this error (Error al llamar al servicio remote.turn_on . Unknown error) Sorry its on spanish but you get it, is there a way of turning it on remotely,

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From what I understood you’ll need Wake-On-LAN to do that, or an IR Blaster. But I could be wrong.

I have a 433MhZ Sonoff RF ZBBridge, is there a way of turning it on with it?

You may also be able to use media_player.turn_on if your TV shows up as a media player.

Once again sorry is on spanish but

I tried it and nothing happend

I can turn it off but not on

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I have two Samsung TVs. One I can power on through HA and the other I cannot. Seems to be a limitation of the TV, not HA as this has been the case since I added each. Both are connected via WiFi.

Hi, I have been battling this issue with my Samsung TV as well, and I finally found out why.

When the TV powers off, it stops listening for commands. That’s why commands including power off works. To make it start listening for commands, it needs a WOL packet. Keep in mind the WOL packet doesnt turn on the TV, it only makes it accept commands again.

So, to power the TV on, do the following, in your automation:

  1. Send a wake-on-lan packet to the MAC address of your TV
  2. Send a Power On command

Great. It would have been nice had you described how to send a WOL packet… Without that, this post is useless.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Try asking nicely, like:

“Thank you, could you please explain how to send the packet?”

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That’s your opinion. Just keep in mind that you’ve posted twice in this thread and both have been flagged by other community members.

As for WOL, it helps to look through the integrations.

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