I'm having trouble refreshing an external weather Image card

My Current Setup:

  1. Wall mounted Fire 8 tablets running Fully Kiosk & HA dashboard via browser (silk?) (see attachment)
  2. Everything works as expected except for the weather.jpg which is auto generated by a local WCPO and is refreshed every day around 5 pm. url is here https://mediaassets.wcpo.com/weatherimages/wsi/A_7DAY.jpg
  3. The dashboard will not update / refresh the image despite me trying all the options available:

a) Tried an Iframe. I cannot resize the image to fit in those dimensions. It just shows scroll bars. If someone wants to give me a yaml code that works to resize, it would be much appreciated.
b) Have tried various .js custom cards available on HACS that refresh the dashboard at various intervals…while it works on the dashboard accessing it from a PC, the tablets don’t seem to like the .js code in the browser and it doesn’t work or freezes the tablet.
c) I have tried Fully Kiosk browser settings to refresh the url, but there is no setting for a particular date /time. It only allows based on other conditions (internet, connectivity etc.)

Anyone have any other suggestions ? It’s driving me nuts.