I'm lost and need help

So I have followed the directions to a tee with instilation to my raspberry pi 3 b+ and I still cannot get it to work at all. the device boots up and shows the code but never lets me log in to the local page either with hassio.local or the IP i found on my router… I need help…

HASSIO runs head less

go you need to use a other computer to login and use it

are you putting the port on the end of your address?

it needs to be http://YOURRPISLOCALIP:8123

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I am using my pc to try to access it. On the hassio local site, it says it cannot be reached, on the IP provided from my router, it says it refuses to connect.

@Caleb_Nehrbass answer this.

Oh. That worked. Why isn’t that part of anyone’s directions lol.

its in the docs

Stop following random tutorials and use the official documentation

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Mark it as solved buddy :slight_smile: