I'm missing cool usecases/howtos/demos/guides


I installed home assistant some months ago and set up some integrations. But my home assistant configuration is still poor and nothing I would show a friend with “look at my cool system”. The reason for this is, that there are missing cool usecases/howtos/demos/guides.

If I’m for examle would have a Reolink E1 Zoom I would be able to find the topic with a discussion about this and very deep technical information how to set up this. But I don’t know exactly what I’m searching! What really is missing is a starting page with topics/howtos like:

** Design

  • Set up a floorplan with plugin x
  • Set up a floorplan with plugin y
  • Design a cool UI for Android
  • Add a graph of daily energy use

** Automation

  • Turn on a light when sun goes down
  • Switch on a light on movement
  • Make a heating plan
  • Turn off xy when you are away from home
    … (just as an exaple)

The topics should be manually selected, there should be screenshots to see if it is interesting before you start setting up and they should be about things interesisg for many people - not every guide should be there, only selected. For example at Home of FHEM you see some screenshots and you can click through and decide what looks interesting and you would like to try to set up.
I think there are many developers/users doing cool things, but these things got lost in thousends of threads. I even would think about buying a new device, if there is a cool usecase/showcase für that device.