I'm not one to complain about HA, but

I love HA. I really do. But I HATE the new Settings tab. I HATE it. I know they are trying to organize, which is great. But I spend several minutes at a time trying to find anything in there.

I used to be able to easily get to a screen where I could reload scripts, automations, etc. Where is that screen now? Yes, I know I can use keyboard shortcuts. And that’s basically the only thing I can do now to navigate. But navigation should be simple, intuitive, and most importantly not frustrating!

It’s still there, just moved to Developer Tools > YAML.

It was in the release notes.

And it actually takes two less clicks to get to it.

If you want to put a shortcut in the side menu:

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I wasn’t sure on the changes, but these comments from the UX developer have convinced me things are moving more in the right direction. I would checkout the thread.