I'm out of automation ideas. Show me yours :)

So i’m trying to make my life easier. I’ve got various integrations and automations in node red 99% of them and i’m sure new ones can be made or the ones that i have improved. Can you show me yours or give me some ideas? Here’s what integrations i have so far:
Switches - Zwave JS
Plugs, Movement, Contacts - Zigbee2mqtt
Climate - Tado
Lights - Philips Hue
Washer & Fridge - LGE Smarthinq Devices
Ubiquiti Unifi gear
Roborock S5
Xiaomi Purifier Mi 3H
Synology Nas

I’m open to other stuff to add automate

Not using node red but these are integrations I use

Irrigation - Rain Machine
Shelly - switches and motion sensors
AIR NOW Sensors for regional air quality
NWS integration
NOAA Aurora Borealis notification
Area Influenza
MyQ - Garage doors