I'm selling Zigbee2mqtt Stick based on CC2538 + CC2592 PA

I sell stick based on CC2538. I come from IoBroker, from Germany.
They also work with Home Assistant, Zigbee2MQTT, IoBroker…
Contact me via private message, please.


How much? Would you send it to Switzerland?

How does the CC2538 perform compared to the CC26X2R1 (https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/supported_adapters.html). I am locking for a replacement for my CC2531 with more performance and a higher range.

CC2538 + CC2592 is as good as CC26X2R1, and much much better than CC2531

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I received the strick today. It replaced my CC2531. Zigbee2mqtt works without repairing my devices. I am happy with the fast response time and increased range of the new stick.

How much is the improvement over the CC2531?

Thank you for the stick!
It works like a charm and delivery was pretty fast (within Germany).
Now it’s time to migrate all my sensors.

I’m new here and can’t send pm yet.
Can you send me the cost of one stick including postage to the Netherlands?

Good day, Dmitry ! How can I order one of this sticks ? Delivery to Latvia !

Best regards

I replyed you via private message.

Hello ! can you send me a pm with the cost with postage to France ? thanks

You have a pm.

Thanks ! Can we update the firmware in the future ? with which accesories ?

Yes. J-Link Adapter.

Please PM me with price to UK

I’m also interrested for a quote for France

You have pm

how much shipped to the UK?