I'm trying to add NESS alarm, but I need help :-(

Hi everyone

I am very new to this. I have been struggling away and I now actually have Home Assistant running very well in a VM on my Windows machine.

I would like to integrate my NESS alarm with Home Assistant using this: Ness Alarm - Home Assistant

I understand the part where I need to add information to my configuration.yaml but I think that I also need to copy files from the GITHUB for this integration and save them in my file system. This is where I am stuck… I know how to get the files from GITHUB and download them to my Windows computer, but I don’t know how or even exactly where to put these files. I know where the Virtual drive is, but its location is all that I know.

I have searched, but I seemed to have got myself more lost and confused lol I would appreciate any help anyone can share.

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi Homer1,

integrations are set as soon as their specific platforms are added to your config files. In your case:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  host: alarm.local
  port: 2401
    - name: Garage
      id: 1
    - name: Storeroom
      id: 2
    - name: Kitchen
      id: 3
    - name: Front Entrance
      id: 4
    - name: Front Door
      id: 5
      type: door

Then configure it as described here:
—> Ness Alarm,
and restart home assistant.

Thanks heaps for your help!!