Image Attachments Notifications Dead End in App

I created a simple notification that includes an attachment of a camera snapshot. When I open the notification, it opens the home assistant companion app with the image. Great. Problem is there is no navigation, no way to get back to the dashboard, settings or anything in the app - its basically a dead end. i have the reset the cache of the app in order to get out.

When I am on my home wifi, it exhibits a different behavior where it opens a webbrowser with the image instead of opening the app and giving me a dead end.

Please share your service call which is incorrectly navigating. It sounds like you have a url in the data field, which is used to decide where to navigate when tapped. A few things:

  1. Use relative URLs. For example, /media/local/xyz.jpg instead of the full URL.
  2. Use data: attachment: url: to add an attachment, rather than the destination URL.