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I’m taking security camera stills when I detect motion near my cameras. These files are saved out as cameraname#.jpg. For example, my front driveway camera would detect motion and take three stills one second apart and name them frontdrive1.jpg, frontdrive2.jpg, and frontdrive3.jpg. I’d like to be able to view these as a single component that would either automatically flip through the images, let me swipe through the images, or let me choose one of the images to view. I’ve only got three cameras but am looking for an easier way to view these.

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My IP cams take still on certain events and send them to the iOS app. I don’t have a convenient way to view them outside of the notification other than opening them from the directory where they are saved. It would be useful to have them in displayed in a view or card.

Have looked at:

Interesting. I’m trying to figure out how to make Local File path to image dynamic to update based on latest timestamp saved image where there are multiple images uniquely named by timestamp.

That I’m not sure about, I only have one pic at any one time created by my camera, but I’m sure one of the nice folks on here will chime in shortly.

You can always add a camera per pic.

  - platform: local_file
    name: Front Drive 1
    file_path: /path_to_file_1

  - platform: local_file
    name: Front Drive 2
    file_path: /path_to_file_2

  - platform: local_file
    name: Front Drive 3
    file_path: /path_to_file_3

my solution with local_file platform on /tmp directory has no function anymore since i migrate to hassio. This is probably a container problem. Any idea how to solve this problem?

I’m already using this method. It is okay for one or two images but is unruly for much more than that. That’s why I’m requesting a gallery view of sorts. I’m about to have three cameras that each will have multiple images per motion detect.

What about the following, probably as a Hassio addon (@frenck):



Yes… something like these two examples but as a HASS component. Not using Hassio so that would not help me.

Want it too :slight_smile:

How about this concept:

Use local file camera, it accesses a local image file and displays it in the frontend. When the file changes, it is updated in the frontend.

Therefore if you have a directory images/ with files named image01.jpg, image2.jpg etc, then point the local file camera at a proxy file like images//proxy/image.jpg

Then have a script running on your system, via cron, that regularly copies the next file in your directory to images//proxy/image.jpg Whenever the cript runs, the new pic appears in HA.

Viewing one image at a time isn’t very practical unfortunately. One idea is to use a script to generate an image of thumbnails, the display that, however it’s a bit of a hack. In practice currently use an iPad app to browse the image directory via samba share.

PS @nickrout theres no no need to use a cron script to overwrite the file, I added a service for updating the file displayed by the local file camera in 0.69 (CAMERA.LOCAL_FILE_UPDATE_FILE_PATH). I then use a regular automation to update the file displayed

I need the same gallery for image and video in local /tmp/motion directory , any solution??
I think its easy develop with custom UI Panel

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@robmarkcole for some reason when using multiple local_file cameras, only the last one is updated when using local_file_update_file_path.

I create my own gallery for image/video motion security cameras

if you know how to, you can try it.