Image in Media Browser on Picture Card

I have a jpg-file in the Media Browser. In an notification for iOS I can attach the image like this:

    content-type: jpeg
    url: /media/local/snapshots/camera.jpg

I have tried some various ways to display camera.jpg in a Picture card. But I maybe don’t get the right syntax. Please advice!

This gives a 401 response, forbidden:

How to “add” the auth-token?

Anybody got the same issue?

In your case you need to add the image, not the URL. Try something like this:

  - service: notify.<yourdevice>
      title: TEST
      message: Here is a test image
            name: default
            critical: 1
            volume: 1
        image: /media/local/Cameras/cam1/latest_snap.jpg

I save the image to disk first (use the folder /media/Cameras/cam1/latest_snap.jpg WITHOUT local here!

With regards to the URL part, I have the same thing. I want to show some pictures in lovelace and link it to the app, no go. So when I click the Companion app pop-up it links me to that specific image in the app. Only way this works is putting it in the www folder structure, but I like to avoid that since that is publicly accessible in theory.

You can look-up the auth token in the media browser (find the pic, right click it and open in new browser window) but I presume the auth token will expire sooner or later and that will lock you out of home assistant since it will ban your IP after x unsuccessful auth attempts.

it looks like lovelace / picture card / mobile app and the media service don’t play nice together yet.

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I agree, showing media from the media-browser on a picture card doesn’t work.

@Tinkerer, you often know a lot!
Are we using it incorrectly, och should I post a feature request or a bug-report? It feels like it is somewhere in between here… :slight_smile: Thanks for advice!

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I’ll direct you point 16 in the sticky, about tagging people like that and how it comes across.

The distinction is simple:

  • Bug report - something is in the documentation as working, but doesn’t
  • Feature request - you want something new
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Good idea! Since i can’t find anything in the documentation that it should work i think it be a feature request. If you have filed it, please post a link here so we know it’s connected and can follow the progress.

thnx! Matthijs

Sorry @Tinkerer, I was just seeking some wise advices! :slight_smile:

To me it was not obvious if its a change or a bug. But as @matthijsberg pointed out: Its not in the docs… I’ll go for the feature request track here.

Feature request here:

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Any update on this issue?

Nothing as far as I am aware of.

I honestly think this shouldn’t be a feature request.

What is described in the docs is not working at all so it’s clearly a bug.

UPDATE: I just created an issue in github here: Media Source integration is not working · Issue #100178 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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This is so frustrating - why is not more straightforward to find the path to an image file in HA yet?

Hi @MortyFleem I have no idea. As they told me in that issue, media source is intended only to stream/send media files to players (like Alexas and other players).

To use pictures privately, I’ve built this custom card. It’s a fast implementation so no fancy things. Also, images take longer to load as it need to call one HA service to get the authenticated path of the picture but, in my case, it’s perfectly usable.

Give it a try if you like :slight_smile:

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