Immergas Boiler

Hello community !

My goal is to control my boiler with HA i hope professionals in this this forum will help me to achieve this.

Boiler model : Immergas EOLO STAR 24 3 E

As i researched i found that this boiler has a remote controller option (CRD), also i found that it connects to boiler over 2 wires, that mean that it uses power and some protocol to communicate over same wires.

My idea is to simulate CRD and connect in this 2 pins to boiler, but how i can understand what protocol it uses ?

Also how i cant understand what commands boiler expect to read from CRD and vici verso ?

Link to manuals for boiler and CRD:

You should try to contact Immergas customer service and find the data communication protocol or ark for an interface that expose a known protocol (eg. Mod bus)

If they don’t answer (they may) you can try to find it but there are many possibilities (ebusd and opentherm are the most probable one).

Another way can be (check your appliance manual) to use a dry contact to start/stop the boiler and use the native thermostat only for management…

Thank you for answer !

I wrote to them, wait for response.

Just to use as on/off switch is to simple, this is a complicated pipes connected with 2 diferent places, and can be for someone too hot for some one to cold, that is why i want to control from ha, not to run to boiler each time.

I will try to find ways to test protocols that u said.