Immergas Victrix integration with HA

Greetings all,

I would like to integrate my Victrix to be able to monitor and control it from HA.
It was just installed this thermostat (Chrono-thermostat - Smartech PLUS) (link to the manual - Now Im able to control the temperature from my phone.
So I was wondering if someone succeed to implement automation on such boiler heaters?
Does anyone manage to “connect” to this device and control it from HA?
I`m opened for any solution :slight_smile:



Hi, have you find any solution?

Greetings Adynis,

Not yet. I wrote to the company (Immergas) to ask for APIs or some way to get the data that they are collecting but their reply was "NO". Since the connection between the thermostat and "mother" is Bluetooth Ill try to wrote some code to capture this. I will post if I got progress on that.

There is a site where you can see when the boiler was on or off but there is no indication of how much it consume. Im thinking to add DIY hall sensor (with ESP32) on the Gas meter to actually get a value for the consumption. I still need to talk to the Gas provider if it is against some rule to "attach" something to the Gas meter. "link to the gas meter that Ill use as a start -


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Have you found a solution? Has the attempt to intercept BLE traffic yielded any results?


Greetings Spenk93,

Unfortunately not. I`ll message you once I have some progress on that topic!


Hi, have you managed to integrate Immergas into Home Assistant? Is there any news? than you

Any progress on topic? Bought remote CAR V2, need to hookup oscillograph and reverse engineer communication protocol…

Unfortunately no progress on this topic. Also no support from Immergas side :(.
CARV2 is much better choice!

Reading different manuals of the immergas I can I can speculate that is using the Open Therm protocol. Some google research are pointing in that direction.
I leave some links that can help:

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