Immersion / water heater switch

I’ve searched but I’m crossing over with thermostats and the like. My Timeguard NTT03 immersion timer basically melted inside the wall box so I’m looking to replace it with something I can hook into with HA. (Timeguard have a WiFi switch but I don’t trust them now, never was happy with it not being earthed.) The switch itself can be super-basic, I really only need a boost button on it, ideally with a minimum of 30 and 60 mins, I’d prefer to handle schedules with HA. Anything out there like this?

Have you considered the Tesla T-Smart Immersion replacement thermostat? There’s now a custom component for HA. I’ve had it for a while now, works great.

Thanks, I was looking at that yesterday and it looks pretty good, however I don’t think it has Boost functionality, which I need. And I think my boiler is the vertical type, so even if it did, the buttons would be on top, out of reach of the kids. That’s why I was hoping for a single-gang switch to replace the analog one I’ve installed to replace the Timeguard temporarily. The Timeguard WiFi switches have the same problems.

I does have a boost mode and you could set up a remote button to activate it anywhere (or in the TSmart App)

Thanks for that, I have an IKEA tap button, apparently there might be a way of bringing that in to HA. How does the Boost mode work? I assume you set a period of time to it, can you set multiple boosts?

It looks like you have this hooked in via MQTT, I’ve heard of that but haven’t needed to use yet, is it easy to set up? Do I need to create an MQTT server with docker or summat? Sorry, I’m relatively new to HA. :slight_smile:

You can call the boost climate service using SET PRESET MODE where you can add a duration.

You can just set up the mqtt integration in HA and use that.

The IKEA button should work if you have a ZigBee setup

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