Implausible 10.000W reading from zwave plug


with the latest 0.59.2 release my Neo Coolcam Wallplug reported some readings way above 10000W:


I’m starting to think something zwave related broke with the update.

See also the other bug related to the “velocity” of the other wallplug: Fibaro wallplug shows "velocity" since latest HA update

Does anyone else have values like this?


It’s because us Americans have to do everything differently. :grin:

In the US, that would say approximately 10 watts. The period acts as the decimal. We’d say ten thousand by writing 10,000
We’d write ten as 10.00

At least that’s what I suspect is going on!

Interesting thought, but no… the typical values between 0-150W are still there, its just some outlier periods that appeared yesterday that had blew up the scale of the graph depicted above.

If you’d zoom in you’d see ths in the lower parts (the yellow peaks are the 3 outliers)

Zooming in further and hovering over one of those peaks shows that its even more than 10000W, its more thatn 160000W!


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I just encountered the same behaviour where the same plug (from Neo Coolcam) reported very high power usage while off.

There are some 6…10W readings in the same date range, but those are entirely invisible because of this huge spike.

More than likely this indicates a communications error with the Z-Wave device. Check the RTT times under device information. I had a switch that was stuffed behind an office desk and it had some pretty high RTT times (1500+) and it reported erroneous values and even a phantom previous reading of 65,340A. Once I moved the switch out from behind the desk, communications improved and the random values disappeared.