Implement Busch-Jaeger [email protected] systems

Hello there,

maybe most of you don’t know about [email protected], but I think it’s definetly worth looking into it. It gives you the ability to control shutters, lights and stuff like that.
There seems to be an API already as well as an implementation with Node.JS that can be found on github:

And this is the link to the providers website:

It would be great if that could be implemented into home-assistant.

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Hi Lars,

I found the following on Github. The project is still pretty new but it is a great start and the integration of your [email protected] lights already work.


Developer Portal:

Do you guys have an update on [email protected] integration? I was told by ABB customer support that the system is closed, hence I did not expect finding these projects. So can it be controlled with HA?

Do you have deeper experience at this project?
I have just installed these 3-party and noticed some problems to the stability on HA.

Hi there!
Did anybody managed to get " jheling/freeathome" component working with ABB Binary input Sensors?
It’s important to display Binary Input state, but it doesn’t work…