Implement Yeelight modes like "Candle Flicker"


I just added some more Yeelight Wifi Color Bulbs and saw some new scenes/models in the yeelight app.

One of them is called “Candle Flicker” which will make the bulb slowly brighter and warmer, like a candle.

I would love to trigger this from home assistant.


Also interested in it.



i need this, too


I’ve made PR with support for allowing custom effects. You can test it via custom_component.

EDIT: looks like its merged, so it should be in official HA starting 0.87


For now the only thing I could accive is to write out the transitions, but failed to call it directly like the fire flicker - tried it with flow, custom_effects, transitions, effects_config, effect/s. Or is’nt it thourght to work this way?


You can’t call the standard Yeelight app effects directly, you have to re-create them using the transitions


The fire Flickr is already pre recreated from the docks.
Service and entety is clear. But I don’t come on the data I have to pass to activate the pre defined Flow.


There is an example in the docs of how to re-create the candle flicker, yes, but you can’t call a service to activate it as a pre-defined flow as far as I am aware. That’s the point of the new custom_effects transitions. So if you want the candle flicker, simple re-create that effect using transitions exactly as is shown in the docs


I wanted to ask bout it because were defining a custom effect in the light configuration already.

in means of consistency the service should be something like

- service: light.yeelight_start_flow
    entity_id: light.yeelight
    flow: 'fire_flickr'

just like we call a colorloop or random effect

Instead of

- service: light.yeelight_start_flow
    entity_id: light.yeelight
      - TemperatureTransition: [1900, 1000, 80]
      - TemperatureTransition: [1900, 2000, 60]
      - SleepTransition:       [1000]

(I feel like a scumbag for asking, therefore the hat)


Sorry, I had gone off on a tangent :man_facepalming: You should be able to select the newly added custom_effect for a light like you do for the other effects. Is your Fire Flicker showing up in the drop-down list when a light is on?

The service call will be:

  - service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.your_light
      effect: fire_flicker


Aaaah! There youre hidden! Thanks so much - Tryed effect, But in the wrong service. The docks doesnt point this out (yet)
Also a nope on the dropdown. Meight be because of the version of the bulb (ct2)


Technically the docs do day how to call the service for an effect, but I guess it’s not explicit that the custom_effects are called as per the standard ones.

So it’s all working?