Implementation of a multisensor data acquisition system based on home assistant

i’m trying to make a multi-sensor wireless data acquisition system . i’m using raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a data server with home assistant in the center of my system .

i’m using some sensors that are compatible with tasmota firmware with the esp8266 wifi module for measuring some physical properties such as voltage , current , temperature , humidity , etc .

i have some questions before getting started with carrying out my system , as any data acquisition system have some fixed features that have to be taken into account :
1- data storage
how could i store data in home assistant ?
( mean if i’m using a temperature sensor for example to measure temperatures every minute through a complete day , is there any way for storing these measurments in order to make any use of it later ? )

2- data visualization
does home assistant have an effective data visualization interface that could be used in scientific or commercial applications such as real-time graph plotting ?

3- data analysis
does home assistant have any analysing tools for data ?