IMPLEMENTED: FB messenger notify component new ability to broadcast messages to all users who interact with chatbot

FB notify component is great in allowing us to push messages to a FB Messenger either via phone number or fb user id. These are great things , but they require us to hardcode phone numbers or FB user ids in the config file.

It would be extremely useful to be able to push messages to ALL chatbot users who have interacted with the bot.
Luckily , FB now has a new API that allows to do just that… I would like to submit a request for this feature to be added to FB notify component. This would be awesome!

My personal use case is as follows. I have a weather station that I collect live wind information. I currently push “Wind Alerts” to a couple of my friends kitesurfers who always want to know when we can do kitesurfing.

I would love to offer it to a broader set of kitesurfers in the area (they all asking for it), but I can’t be bothered with maintaining hundred or so phone numbers and user in my HA config files. I would rather they just go to my page , say hi to a chatbot and start getting notifications of wind right after that.

I am sure there are many more use cases for this…

The new FB API is below:

UPDATE: After posting a request for this, I realized that even if it is accepted , it will take long time for this to be prioritized. So I just went ahead and figured out how to do it myself. my local setup of can now do broadcast to my facebook bot… yay.

Here is my pull request. I am not sure if it will ever be done, so if you want to be able to broadcast FB bot messages to hundred’s or thousands of people all from your P3, you can just use my code :slight_smile:

Cheers all, and I hope it gets merged.