Implementing ESPHome

I was/am thinking of implementing ESPHome on my devices, but my current experience with ESPHome will prevent is. I’ve succesfully turned a Tasmota-device into ESPHome, but last night I’ve renamed that device and trouble started. I couldn’t find the device in my devices and entities so I thought it was a good idea to remove that device from ESPHome. When I try to upload a new config to the device it fails, probably, because it only allows to upload the new config if the encryption key is valid. The encryption key has since then changed and I don’t know what the old one is/was. So I’ve bricked my device, I presume. Fortunately it’s a Sonoff S20 and not one of my JH-G01E devices.

Is there something I’m overlooking?
Is there some way to retrieve the encryption key?
How can I prevent the encryption key to be used?

Yep sorry to say but use encryption key and not backup it is quite stupid :rofl: now your only solution is to physically connect at ESP with an USB/Serial adapter to be able to flash again the ESP :wink: (Sonoff S20 - Tasmota)
Encryption key can’t be retrieved ! It’s you that made it in sketch so just do a sketch without encryption key and voila :wink:

Even the fallback password is random. WHY??? Why would you want to secure a device in this way? It’s not that many ESP-devices have a possibility to connect them to a computer; you can scrap a JH-G01E after such an ordeal. Personally I think it’s stupid, but I might be wrong.