Import data with timestamps

Hello all,

Sorry about there being no category or tag, I didn’t seem to find any really matching this question.

Some of my providers (electricity, gaz and water) all allow exporting daily consumption into a file, and I’d love to be able to visualize these in HA. Problem is, the data is published with a few days of delay, and I kind of understood from other messages here that the “file” platform is designed to use the time of the import, not that associated with the data in the file.

Is there currently a way to do that ? If not, do you think it could be coded in a new custom component ?

Thanks for your insight.



Just realised the same thing when tried to run Torque offline, and letting it import data when back home = it sets timestamp when data was imported, not when it was created :frowning:

Did you ever work out a way to do this?
I’m still trying to work out how to create a sensor that accesses time series data.