Import list of devices to automations and cards

I’m trying to import a list of devices into an automation. I have a file called “securityDevices.yaml”. I want to import it into an automation so I don’t have to type this each time.

Here’s the securityDevicesSS.yaml

root@raspberrypi:~/.homeassistant# cat securityDevicesSS.yaml
  - binary_sensor.12
  - binary_sensor.15
  - binary_sensor.16
  - binary_sensor.benjamin_front_window_sensor_6
  - binary_sensor.benjamin_side_window_sensor_2
  - binary_sensor.downstairs_front_window_2
  - binary_sensor.family_room_left_window_sensor_4
  - binary_sensor.family_room_right_window_sensor_5
  - binary_sensor.garage_door_sensor
  - binary_sensor.garage_home_door
  - binary_sensor.guest_bedroom_window
  - binary_sensor.kitchen_back_door
  - binary_sensor.other_back_door
  - binary_sensor.spare_bedroom_front_window_sensor_2
  - binary_sensor.spare_bedroom_side_window_sensor_3
  - binary_sensor.visonic_mct_340_e_96b73b0b_ias_zone
  - binary_sensor.west_back_window

Is there a way I can import this into automations and cards?

That’s not possible.

You can create a group and use the group in certain parts of automations. Depends on what you want to use the entities for.