Import lovelace.yaml to new lovelace frontend

Hope the title makes some sense?!?!?!

So I have been using lovelace for quite some time now and have the option configured in the config to enable it’s use as .yaml

I now want to have a play with it using the GUI editing.

How do I copy my lovelace .yaml info across?

I would like to know that, too. Is there a file in which the lovelace config (edited in the frontend) is saved?

You open the GUI Editor (3 dots top right) then 3 dots again for raw editor then just cut/paste the YAML file and save.

you can’t do that until you remove (or comment out) the

mode: yaml

from the configuration.yaml though.

Then just copy all the ui-lovelace.yaml file into the raw editor in the GUI. It will remove all comments though that you had in the ui-lovelace.yaml.

When I try to paste my code I get this error:

Your config is not valid: TypeError: Expected a value of type [object] | undefinedforresourcesbut receivednull.

Managed to solve this by removing resources:
This had nothing in it.